Hunting and Fishing Report

Week of 06/05/2022

Sunrise around 6:30 am and Sunset around 8:30 pm

As always check daily weather reports, severe weather is unpredictable.  With the increase heat and humidity, pop up thunderstorms are to be expected.

This is a good time to take the family out and teach the kids all the fun of fishing.  Catch and release gives them great practice and keeps the population growing. 

With the water around 60 degrees Large and Small mouth bass will be spawning.  Warmer nights will make rocky banks a great spot to try for that elusive trophy fish. 

Night fishing is a good time for strippers.  They like flats with rocks or red clay in water 5 – 20 feet. 

Crappie can be found in the river arms and like 5 – 15 feet of water especially around fallen trees. 

Hunting is quiet right now.  Nothing open at this time.

As always be safe, have your required licenses, and know the rules of the sport.